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Collegiate Shoot-Out Tournament Literature

2023 Collegiate Shoot-Out Tournament Literature

Download the 2023 Team Entry Form

Download the 2023 Roster Form
(This is both the Tentative Roster Form and the Final Roster Form.)
A Tentative Roster Form must be submitted by teams that will not be checking in on-site on Dec. 19.
All other teams are requested to submit a Tentative Roster Form.
Tentative Roster Forms should be submitted by Dec. 4.
Final Roster Forms are to be submitted at check-in.

2023 Tournament Rules

Instructions for Payment by Credit Card Via Square

Download the Bowling Ball Registration Form

Download the Baker Round Team Line-Up Form
Note: This form is provided for coaches' use if desired. The tournament does not use this form.

Refund Policy

Download our IRS Form W-9 (in .PDF format, 140 Kb).

Download our Missouri LLC Certificate (in .PDF format, 449 Kb).

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for your computer.

Revised 12/18/2023